Monday, June 29, 2009


Hey all, long time not posting. We got a little busy lately. Busy with our exam, our life, bla bla bla.. We do thinking about this blog too btw. We dont want to disappoint our lovely readers :)

Last week we were invited by Bandung Radio 98,2 Fm. We talked about our blog. What is our blog about? Fashion, Gossip, Couliner, Etc. We had such a good time there! Nice experience for us. Thanks to Mas Agus and Mas Randy. :D:D

Okeeee back to the main topic. hahaa. This is Diana Rikasari. Famous Fashion Blogger in Indonesia. If you don't believe us, go check all the fashion blogs in Indonesia. They all link Diana Rikasari in their blogs...Just like we did. :D. Her blog name is Hot Chocolate & Mint.

We got to interview her a month ago, but she recently replied to my email a few days ago. That is why I am posting this right now. Oke fellas, this is our Q&A and a few photo from her official blog,Hot Chocolate & Mint.

Sejak kpn mulai jadi fashion blogger? ceritain juga dong awal mulanya jd blogger?
Sejak May 2007, gara-gara temenku semuanya udah pada bikin blog dari situ jadi ikut-ikutan . Trus somehow jadi kebawa untuk lebih mengekspos fashion padahal tadinya enggak loh, cuma kayak curhat2 biasa aja..

Tell me about your blog?
My blog is my personal space where i express my ideas mostly on fashion. It has no limits whatsoever and it's all just about a girl having fun..

Apa gak akan bosan nulis blog terus setiap hari?
Mmm gak tau juga yaa... Sekarang sih belom tuh.

Favourite fashion blogger?
Susie Bubble (Style Bubble) and Queen Michelle (Kingdom of Style)

Who is your role model in fashion?
The Olsens!!

Your favourite brand?
Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs, Topshop

Fashion item yang lagi paling sering dipake? why?
Blazer! soalnya gue suka pake kaos. Pas ditambahin blazer, jadi keliatan lebih keren aja. heheheh

Dapat dari mana sih ide-ide mix and match?
Randomness.. Kalo lagi buka-buka lemari, suka iseng-iseng aja coba-coba. heheh...

What you feel with people who hate you? Kemarin-kemarin sempat ada yg comment-comment kasar dan menyebalkan di blog kamu?

Lots! but i try to take them as constructive the end, this is a free world and we have to just accept the fact that some people are just simply mean sometimes.

Any idea to make your own clothing line or something? wait! hahaha

Wow. We waiiit for your clothing line, Di. We will buy one! We promise. hehehee.. Oke, fellas this is some picture from her officialy blog : Hot Chocolate Mint. Take a peek :)

her shoes is from Wondershoe! we will made some post about Wondershoe nearly.. :)

loveee her skiirtt <3

some random of her styles<3

ps: you can see also this post at Venia Loves


EditTag said...

makasih udah berbagi di bandung FM.
makin getol cari sumber dari fashion nih, eh ya, dosennya belum ada balesan nih ampe skrg :(

EditTag said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TARA said...

i like u'r interview with DIANA, i love her blog so much....she's my inspiration to make a fashion blog like her but my blog is male version. check it out my blog HOTTA LOTTA , i'll be wait u'r comment about my blog

Ringa Dinga Boing Boing said...

ow really?
i'm curious about her clothing line!

casual cutie said...

Mba D emang kerennn!!!!!!!!!!!

veniArni said...

@ mas agus : iya sama-samaa. oh iya ya mas? duuh tar saya kbrin ke dosennya langsung deh klo saya ke kampus :D

tara: thank youu. we sure we will see your blog :D

EditTag said...

ok, aku tunggu kabarnya, thx!

Freddy Style said...

Nice... psoting^^
love ur blog honey
keep posting ok
i will watch u every day

fhen said...

i like the short interview, simply great Q&A!

venia said...

@ freddy style : thank youu :D. wnt to exchange link?

@fhen : thanks<3

nitya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jessica said...

i believe that she's the inspiration of everybody! =)

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