Friday, June 19, 2009

white velvet is going to rock the world!

Hello everybody!! How are you? We hope everythings doing great like we are!
actually, this blog is just for our assignment. We must to make a blog and make it famous and read by a lot people so we can get a good score. But now, we think we want to continue posting in this blog because :

1. We kinda addicted to this blogging activity

2. Our friend tell post more information about fashion, gossip and cullinaire in this blog

3. Last but not least, Evita Nuh, 10 years old fashion blogger put our blog in her new post and said our blog is great!!

Sooooo thats why we thought we need to continued posting in this blog.. Btw for evita, thank you! Your so inspiring, little girl. Thank you too for put our blog link in your recent post. Because of that our hit status increase so faasstt!! :D:D


ps: wait for our next post, fellas!!


EditTag said...

I think you should be proud of this blog, this cool. You love blogging, you love fashion, and you have the right track to be famous.

I wonder if you can come to my programs, which called Bandungers Blogger in 95,2 Bandung FM to share the world about this blog.


veniArni said...

we want too! we really really want!!

EditTag said...

Glad you like it, so I can arrange you to be my guest on next Tuesday, June 23?

veniArni said...

of course!! we'll see you there..
thaaankksss a looott :D:D

Fajrini Darma Dalel said...

following this blog. this is really an awesome blog girls

Kwai said...

nice blog Miss I'm Lazy & Smart ;)

venia said...

@ kwai : lol. okey im lazy but im smart

EditTag said...

kaabr kalian di radio aku posting di edittag nih, bisa cek di sini.